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5 Easy Ways to Create SEO and Web Content Ideas

5 Aug

Struggling to come up with ideas for your content marketing strategy? We’ve been there too, trust us.

Quality content is a powerful sales tool in itself. Content marketing as a strategy:

  • Builds trust in your business
  • Communicates your competence and skill
  • Establishes your credibility

Moreover, content is key to effective search engine optimisation Melbourne. Well-written content gets your site found online by telling search engines like Google that your site is a credible source of information.

Of course, that requires a constant stream of the stuff. And sometimes, you just can’t think of anything, no matter how hard you rack your brain.

Everybody that works with search engine optimisation and content marketing knows that feeling. Are you stuck in a bit of a rut content-wise? Here a couple of ways we come up with content at iformat!

1) Check your keywords and analytics

The first place you should be searching for ideas are your keywords. After all, one of the reasons you blog is to improve your ranking for specific search terms, right?

As such, keyword research should be the first place you start looking when you’re short of ideas.

  • Is there a search term you’re targeting that you’ve slipped a couple positions in?
  • Do you notice yourself climbing for certain searches?
  • Are you neglecting any potential search terms?
  • Are there any different angles you can tackle previous topics from?

The third point in particular is especially useful as a starting point. While there’s a lot of debate as to whether creating content optimised for synonyms actually works, it can highlight:

  • Sub-topics you hadn’t considered before
  • Related or related subjects
  • New angles to approach previous topics from

Luckily for you, tools such as this one exist to help you come up with similar search terms.

Just plug in some of your targeted keywords and bam! There’s a potential starting point for your next SEO blog.

2) Keep up with the news

Depending on your industry, current events are another great source of content ideas.

Take us, for example. The digital marketing world is always in flux. Things are constantly shifting, from Google’s constant algorithm changes, to developments in the social media sphere to data protection laws. All of these provide great fodder for SEO content.

If you’re short on ideas, check the news for anything related to your industry.

Industry publications like magazines or newsletters are a great source of news. You can also set up automatic Google alerts every time your industry makes the news.

You don’t even have to go that far. For some, it’s as simple as searching your industry, clicking the “news” tab, and seeing what pops up!

After that, it’s as simple as offering your unique take or reactions to the topic.

Not only is this a potential source of ideas, but it’s also a great way of boosting your search results.

News events are certain to attract plenty of searchers looking for more information. Creating content related to news stories can bring visitors into your site – that’s why we created so many articles about “Mobilegeddon” back in 2015.

Finally, keeping up with trends makes you look more switched-on, simple as that.

Content marketing strategies are all about convincing customers that you’re knowledgeable and trustworthy, after all. Would you trust somebody who’s behind the curve in their industry?

We wouldn’t!

3) Repurpose company announcements as SEO content

An easy way of coming up with content for SEO and content marketing is to recycle company news.

You can repurpose announcements like:

  • Expanding into a new market
  • Offering new services
  • Buying a new piece of equipment
  • A a new hire even!

For example, say you’re a plumber. For you, a newsworthy event might be taking on a new apprentice, or expanding your services and team.

Why not use this news as the start of a brand-new blog post?

Talk about how this is going to improve the service you offer – you can now take on more jobs and workload. Sprinkle in some keywords here and there, and you’ve got a neat piece of content that’ll improve your SEO.

4) Keep a running list

Sometimes, we’ll be going over a client’s SEO strategy when suddenly, an idea comes to us.

“That’s a great idea for an SEO blog, better file that away for later.”

And then we don’t. As quickly as it popped up, the idea’s gone.

It happens way too often. That’s why we’ve started keeping a running list of ideas to refer back to. Anything that piques our interest is jotted down for later use.

That way, if you’re ever strapped for ideas, you have something you can refer to.

5) Share your success stories and anecdotes!

There are many business owners out there that seemingly ignore the treasure trove of content that comes from their own quirky stories and anecdotes.

Firstly, this type of content is 100% unique – none of your competitors will be able to offer identical content.

When it comes to search engine optimisation, uniqueness is better. In Google’s eyes, duplicate content doesn’t bring anything new to the table. While it isn’t actively punished, it’s not rewarded with high ranks either.

Moreover, this type of content makes you much more relatable. From a content marketing standpoint, this type of content is perfect.

Why? Because it adds a human touch!

Content marketing is all about establishing credibility in the eyes of your customers using your web content. And for many people, having that personal connection is enough to make you stand out over your peers.

So, there you have it: easy SEO and content ideas

An ongoing stream of quality content is essential, not just for search engine optimisation but also for content marketing strategies in general.

The only problem is keeping the ideas flowing, especially as the months go on. These are just some of the ways we keep the content machine running at iformat.

How do you come up with ideas? If you have a unique trick that we haven’t covered, hit us up on social media – we’d love to hear it!