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Adobe Business Catalyst: The CMS System We Use

27 Mar

What is a CMS?

A Content Management System is a computer system where you can manage your website’s content. It enables publishing, editing and modifying, as well as maintenance, from a single interface.

adobe business catalyst

A CMS is highly favourable among businesses because it puts you in immediate and complete control of your website’s content.

There are a heap of different content management systems to choose from, like WordPress, Joomla, and Big Commerce.

One of iformat’s favourites is Adobe Business Catalyst. 90% of our sites use it!

Why Adobe Business Catalyst?

Adobe Business Catalyst is pre-developed, which means it’s incredibly cost-effective. It’s also search-engine friendly, which means it can help your ranking in Google searches. Adobe BC actually generates a sitemap that Google (and Yahoo! and Bing) can use, which can help visibility.

Put simply, its purpose is to eliminate the stress of fiddly coding and configuration of your website by giving you simple yet comprehensive control. That sounds pretty enticing!

adobe business catalyst

Adobe BC gives you the tools to create not only an online website, but an online business : it combines multiple systems (like a powerful online store, a built-in customer database, and in-depth analytics) into one single platform.

How can a CMS like Adobe Business Catalyst help a business’ website?

  • The simple interface lets you make changes yourself, whenever you need to. (This eliminates the money and time required for a web developer whenever you want something modified!)
  • Built-in features mean development costs are reduced.
  • Improve your efficiency – spend more of your time engaging your audience rather than learning HTML.
  • Real-time analytics allows you to monitor factors like sales, visitors, click-through rate, and how customers are finding your website.

adobe business catalyst

How does Adobe Business Catalyst work?

Adobe Business Catalyst’s “all-in-one business platform” means you have immediate access to and control of all the components of your website.

You can use their pre-built templates or your own HTML/CSS – it’s an extremely flexible system which means that the look of your website is entirely up to you.

Once you’re logged in, you have complete access to all your content of your site like your contact database, products, orders, web pages, and more.

Adobe BC comes with its own advanced, in-depth reporting system, but you can also add Google Analytics your BC website.

Because of its simplicity, you will feel more enthusiastic about tweaking and freshening up your site, therefore keeping it in top condition.

Keeping your website updated

Imagine visiting a website for the first time and all you find is stale content, a blog post from 8-odd months ago, and a couple of outdated or broken links. It’s like the 21 st century version of finding cobwebs and dust on the Yellow Pages.

It could even just be that the website style is looking a little bit outdated. Whatever the reason, it’s just not very exciting, and it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be returning to that website anytime soon.

Fortunately for us, (but unfortunately for that business’ website!), it’s so easy now to hop onto Google and find another company that provides the same or similar product or service, but which has a much more engaging and appealing website.

Businesses that regularly update their websites with fresh and relevant content can achieve much greater recognition in Google searches.

Aside from the benefits you can get from search engines, up-to-date and inspiring content is what keeps consumers coming back for more – they want to see what’s new.

The functionality of Adobe Business Catalyst means that you’re able to take control of this in a simple and effective way.

Adobe BC’s single interface means that you can easily add text, images, documents and videos to your website, whenever you need to. There’s no need to wait around for a web developer to make the changes; you can make them yourself!

Talk to iformat to find out if Adobe Business Catalyst is the right CMS for your business needs. Fill in the form below, or contact us today!