Get the results you need – ensure you choose the right web agency!

Choosing the right web design agency is an important decision and it is the key to the success of any web design, development or web strategy projects you undertake.

Many projects can take months to plan and implement with some requiring further creative or developmental work to ensure your strategies continue to work and improve.

Therefore you should expect a relationship to last years and should think hard about whether the agency can and will provide the support you need.

Top 10 Reasons for using iformat:

  1. Goal driven - Our focus is to help you achieve your business goals
  2. Proven - A proven track record in delivering
  3. Results driven - We strive to get you results that help your business grow
  4. Tailored - We design and tailor-make the right solution for your business
  5. Thorough - We speak to you and understand your business and then define clear, well-structured strategies
  6. Analytical - We don't make guesses - we implement strategies based on thorough research
  7. Great support - We have staff dedicated to support and maintenance 6 days a week
  8. Standards - Our developers adhere to strict development standards to ensure the best solution
  9. Strategy based - We use a proven strategy that delivers awareness, leads and sales
  10. Business focussed - We are committed to working with all types of businesses, it doesn't matter what size the company is or what stage of growth they are in
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Your decision to go with an agency should not be based on price alone.

Price is a factor with any purchase but it should not be the main driver when choosing a web design agency to work with. If you choose cheap and cheerful then you could end up with:

  • A website that looks unprofessional and affects the credibility of your business
  • A design that looks exactly the same as one of your competitors
  • A design that is not right for your marketplace or simply does not appeal to your clientele
  • A website that will not be found on Google or other search engines
  • A Support team that do not care about your business or your investment
  • Poor quality design
  • Poor results
  • Poor support
  • Slow response times

When choosing an agency, ask yourself:

  • Do they have a good portfolio?
  • Does their portfolio suit my needs?
  • Do they have a good team behind them?
  • Will they be with me for the long haul?
  • Do they have a range of solutions and services? Or do they try to fit everyone into one solution?
  • Are they asking me the right questions about my business?
  • Are they asking me how they can help me fulfill my business goals?
  • Can they prove their methods work?
  • Is your agency just doing work for you or are they working to improve your business?

Speak to iformat about Digital Strategies that help generate awareness, leads and sales.

Do not underestimate the power of good, professional web design.
Ensure you get the right website for your business.

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