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Content Is Key! Galmier Locksmiths’ Digital and Content Marketing Strategy

9 Sep

Digital strategy and content marketing for a local locksmith.

Galmier Locksmiths are local locksmiths based in Melbourne’s Bayside, offering a wide range of commercial, domestic, and automotive locksmith services to clients in and around Bayside suburbs as well as Melbourne’s CBD.

We updated their website with a fresher, more optimised layout and navigation, and we created lots of new content based around updated SEO research. As part of their ongoing strategy, we have also been doing ongoing content marketing, social media, and Google AdWords! Here’s a snapshot of some of the results generated by iformat’s digital strategy.

Quick stats:

  • 1st March 2016 – 10th August 2016 compared to the previous period (20th September 2015 to 29th February 2016) saw an incredible 498% increase in traffic!
  • Users and page views were up, as we’re pages per session and session duration.
  • The bounce rate has fallen by a remarkable 37%!

galmier traffic stats


Our strategy started around mid-March, and the table below is a collation of some statistics gathered by our SEO specialist around the keywords the site ranks for.

In the table below, you can see that there has been:

  • An overall increase in all keywords in the topi 20 search results of Google
  • A slight increase in keywords that rank in the top 3 positions (blue)
  • A steady increase in keywords ranking in the top 4-10 positions (this is page one of Google)
  • A dramatic increase from March to April of keywords ranking in the top 11-20 positions (green), and from April to August, this has stabilised until September where it shot up again. This is due to local searches, like “locksmith [suburb]”


Google Analytics: what goals did we set up?

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to dive deep into your site’s performance, and while it’s a natural assumption that more traffic, visits, and page views will consequently result in more business, we want to take a look at what exactly people are doing when they are visiting Galmier’s website.

Some of the goals we set up were:

  • More than three page views
  • Contact form submissions
  • Phone number clicks
  • ‘Request a quote’ form submissions

Setting up these goals paints a much more vivid picture of the impact the Galmier website has on its business. (And please note that phone number clicks can only be tracked for mobile users, NOT desktop users.)

Ongoing content marketing

When the site was re-launched with brand-new, optimised content, we also immediately started publishing blog posts.

We create and publish two blog posts to the Galmier website every month, on a variety of topics. We’ve carefully created a balance between blog posts focused on a specific service Galmier provides as well as blog posts offering great insight, tips, and information to readers.

Blogging helps the Galmier website earn more exposure, become an authority in its industry, and shows Google that the brand is knowledgeable, current, and active.

Every new blog post that is added to the Galmier site is yet another page for someone to land on the website and learn more about the business as well as services offered. Regular blogging also impacts search engine rankings.

Ongoing SEO refinements and improvements

The unique point of iformat’s digital strategy is that we are constantly monitoring, analysing, and tweaking our clients’ digital strategy, devising ways to constantly test and improve their online presence.

iformat digital agency

Many other digital agencies simply spit out a monthly report with no real context, leaving clients rather confused as to how they can read the report and what they should do with it.

iformat is a digital agency that does things a little bit differently: we not only create a report showing progress of the previous month, but an analysis of what we did and why we did it, as well as a proposal for what we might want to try next month, and why.

This provides clarity and insight to a client, ensuring they understand what we are doing, and the methodology behind it, rather than just a vanity report filled with green numbers and upward arrows.
Digital strategy

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