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Understanding the difference between Digital Strategy and Tactics

20 Oct

iformat places a strong emphasis on Digital Strategy. When implementing strategies, we often use specific ‘tactics’ that people are generally familiar with.

At iformat, we see Digital Strategy as a defined, long-term plan that enables businesses to generate awareness, leads, and sales online.

We look at what your goals are and then determine the best way to achieve the right outcomes using a combination of strategies and tactics.

For example:

A strategy might be as straightforward as “generate more sales for a specific product”. A tactic, to enable this, might be to use Google AdWords.

Goal Strategy Tactic Outcomes
To increase sales Use online marketing to promote the product Google AdWords Prominent adverts appearing on Google that instantly generate sales

Our 10 Point Digital Strategy is made up of the following components:

Business Assessment

We gain an understanding of your business’s online performance and future goals.

Research and Analysis

Marketplace research gives us vital information on what you need to do to succeed online.

Sales and Conversion

A combination of creative and content-based conversion strategy development.

Content Creation

Well-researched content is implemented on your website and across online tactics.


We develop your structure based on our knowledge and web design best practice.

Website Design

The vision starts to fall into place with world-class design.

Website Build

Up-to-date skills develop the technical solution for your digital strategy.

Online Marketing

Clever marketing activity engages your audience and increases awareness, leads and sales.

Social Media

Broaden your market reach through platforms that engage your target market.


Once your website is online, you need rock-solid, reactive support when you need it.

Click here to find out more about our 10 Point Digital Strategy.

Our tactics are comprised of many different services. Some of these are below:

Automated Marketing
Target your email database with more relevant and meaningful communication that addresses users’ specific needs.
Content Marketing and Strategy
Content is king. And great content needs a strategy behind it.
Pay Per Click Strategy
Pay-per-click is an excellent way to instantly drive traffic to your site.
Search Engine Optimisation
Ensure your website is found online by the customers you want.
Online Marketing Strategy
Promote and advertise your products and services online.
Social Media Strategy
Grow your social profile with the right strategy.
Web Design
Great web design creates credibility for your business.
Web Development
A meticulous web build ensures a positive user experience.
Web Development
A meticulous web build ensures a positive user experience.
Affiliate Marketing
Boost website visits with an affiliate marketing partnership.
Conversion Strategy
Transform visitors into leads with a strategy based on goals.

Click here to find out more about our Key Tactics.

Examples of Digital Strategy

Scenario 1 – Business Start-Up

A new business that is generally cash-poor and needs to get online with a website that generates a bit of credibility and some leads.

Goal Strategy Tactic Outcomes
Create credibility
  • iformat RTG website template
  • Cost-effective website that looks good
Generate leads
  • Ensure the website can be found online
  • Organic leads generated through search queries

This is a simple but effective strategy using some basic tactics.

Scenario 2 – Established Business

This business is going well and they have some money to put into generating more awareness, leads and sales. They’ve outgrown their first website and want something that really knocks people’s socks off!

Goal Strategy Tactic Outcomes
Improve the website
  • Create a custom website
  • Improved credibility for the business
  • More professional brand
  • Increased page views on the website
  • Increased leads
Generate awareness
  • Ensure the website can be found online
  • Organic leads generated through search queries
  • Ensure potential customers are aware of the product
  • Content marketing
  • Blog creation
  • Video production
  • Increased awareness of product
  • Improved customer communication
  • Improved sales technique
  • Increased customer retention
  • Company is relevant and up-to-date
Generate leads and sales
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Google AdWords
  • Remarketing
  • Facebook promotions
  • LinkedIn advertising
  • Conversion techniques
  • Quick and instant sales
  • Marketing to specific customer groups
  • Improved sales technique
  • Measurable results
  • Improved sales conversions

In this case you will notice that some of the ‘tactics’ will overlap with each other to affect other goals. It is not a linear solution – it is holistic.

The strategy therefore, as a whole, works together to affect outcomes and goals.

digital strategy

Each of the tactics used will affect other strategies:

digital strategy Goal strategy

So to summarise:

  • A goal is something you want to achieve
  • To enable this, you need the right strategy to guide you forward
  • You may use one or many tactics to facilitate the strategy
  • Each tactic will have an effect on various strategies and outcomes


The result is a holistic approach to achieving your goals through effective Digital Strategy.