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Digital Strategy + My Wedding Decor = A Match Made in Heaven

20 Sep

Digital strategy for My Wedding Decor, who sells and rents bespoke wedding and event decorations.

With a stunning catalogue of decor, furniture, accessories, and decorations available for purchase and hire, My Wedding Decor needed a striking website to show off not just their products, but their products as part of an overall vision or theme, too.

My Wedding Decor’s digital strategy

While there are 10 steps in iformat’s digital strategy, we analyse each client’s scenario and advice them on the steps they need to take with iformat in order to transform their website from a purely information-based online brochure into a thriving 24/7 sales team.

For My Wedding Decor, we completed the following steps…

🎩 Business assessment

As with every digital strategy for all our clients, the initial business assessment paves the way for the rest of the strategy. It provides great insight into a business’s current state as well as where they want to be.

During the assessment, we looked at:

  • Online competitors
  • Current online identity
  • Current site from an SEO point of view
  • Current social media activity (if any)
  • Current sources of website traffic (direct, organic, referral, social)

We also performed in-depth keyword, link, and page rank analysis.

SEO / content research

From there, keyword research ensures. After careful research and consideration, we finalise keywords and created My Wedding Decor’s new site map.

🎩 Content creation

With these new keywords finalised, we devised content suggestions so that the client could take them away and write the new content herself. Strategically planned content is geared towards conversion and is clear, descriptive, friendly, and well written.

🎩 Sales and conversion

The sales and conversion step takes into account imagery, content, and site structure, in order to create a seamless and optimised user experience.

Promotional spaces on the website – like the home page banner and various calls-to-action – are created during this step, and are specifically geared towards conversion.

🎩 Images

We completely changed the notion of the imagery on the site from “product” to “vision”.

That means rather than an image of an isolated item (say, a chair or a cake topper), the goal was to change these to images where a concept has been realised, giving visitors an opportunity to really envisage how these products can contribute to a theme or idea.

Remember, while a decoration itself is the product, it is also part of the vision. We needed optimised imagery to show that!

We also found the pages that had high drop-off rates (the final page a user visits before they leave the site) were pages that had images of an isolated item. Where possible, the product images now sell the dream – the vision, the theme – rather than just the product, just like the screenshot below:


🎩 Structure

Through our initial analysis, we also found that users were returning to the home page at an unusually high rate.

This suggested that people were struggling to find their way around the site, where the lack of a logical flow forced them to return the home page to start over. The main menu was letting visitors down.

Now, the main menu is clearly segmented – firstly into items for hire and for purchase, and also further into categories. The “mega menu” concept ensures images tell the story here, too, when describing categories.

Additionally, we suggested the addition of “Related Items” on each and every product page. As a result, we’ve seen a great increase in pages per session and alas have increased the “stickiness” of the site.

🎩 Blog strategy

As with the content for the website, we also created a blog strategy and a dozen blog suggestions for the client to implement herself. The blog strategy and optimised suggestions fulfil the SEO quota (with keywords, headings, and the like) while writing the blogs herself gives the client creative freedom!

As the saying goes, true love stories never have endings, and the same can be said for an SEO and content strategy! This blog strategy will ensure the website is being updated with good quality, optimised content on a regular basis – the absolute minimum for successful ongoing SEO.

Digital strategy outcomes

Keyword improvements

As we’ve noticed with other clients, we see an expected increase of keywords in the Top 3 positions.

As you can see, not only has the overall number of keywords in increased from April to September, but as the numbers in the top 11-20 began to decrease (see the green line shrinking from August to September), the number of keywords in the top 4-10 has increased (see how the red line is continually increasing from April through to September?)

Additionally, when we see an increase in the top 4-10 positions, we simultaneously see the keyword volumes in the top 11-20 slightly decrease, as keywords begin to climb the rankings.

Visibility score

We monitor clients’ rankings and improvements through a program called AWR Cloud. It promotes a feature called Visibility Score, a formula based on keywords in rankings. The score reflects the progress of your website in search, and also takes into consideration how many impressions your website received through specific keywords.

As you can see from the graph below, My Wedding Décor has experienced a steady and constant increase in its visibility score since its relaunch around mid-June 2016.


As this site is e-commerce, we set up various goals in order to track its success.

Besides standard goals like “Contact form submissions” and “Phone number clicks”, we’ve also set up e-commerce-specific goals, like:

  • Cart visits
  • Checkout
  • Payment

As a result, we’re also able to turn all these statistics and analyses into quantifiable profit: after all, we’re attracting more visitors, leads, and conversions to make more revenue, right? Since we re-launched the website through our digital strategy, we’ve increased revenue by 16%.myweddingdecorfbpost

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