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Ask a Digital Marketing Agency in Melbourne: Does Email Marketing Still Work?

2 May

Most of us receive far more emails than we want to read – or even can read. Check your email inbox right now… no doubt there are a bunch of important work and private emails fighting for your attention.

And alongside them, you probably have a sizeable spam list.

email inbox

Ah, email spam. There are few things that everybody can unanimously agree on… and email spam is one of them! Maybe it’s a Nigerian “prince” who needs your help to reclaim his throne, or a fantastic once-in-a-lifetime “investment opportunity.”

Fortunately, the majority of emails in your spam box are harmless. We’re willing to bet if you open your spam box right now, you won’t find much more than benign promotional emails.

Catalogues from your local supermarket, promotions from your chemist or newsletters from a service you may have used in the past… you get the idea.

Here’s a question: how often do you open these messages and read them?

We’re willing to bet the answer is “not very often.”

And that’s today’s burning question: if you don’t read any of the catalogues and brochures in your spam folder, why should your customers? Just how effective is sending out email newsletters and brochures anyway?

And if your EDM campaigns aren’t working out for you, what changes can you make to start getting results?

The history of email direct marketing

Marketing has existed in one form or another since antiquity – sales signs have been around ever since Egypt, and historians and archaeologists have found evidence of Roman gladiators acting as spokespeople for blacksmiths and merchants!

Direct marketing however is a much younger discipline.

A lot of that has to do with how the first modern postal services didn’t come into being until the industrial revolution. After all, it’s a lot harder to send out newsletters without a postal service!

With the establishment of national postal services however, direct marketing such as brochures, newsletters and flyers have become a staple of marketing strategies.

And when email was invented in the 1960’s and 1970’s, marketers were quick to jump to the new medium.

Why use email marketing?

While email might seem a little old-fashioned next to IM apps such as Messenger or social media platforms like Instagram, EDMs are still a very effective marketing tool.

Reach people who are already “sold” on you:

Many digital marketing agencies in Melbourne encourage their clients to use email marketing because they’ve built up an impressive mailing list over the years.

If you’re engaging in email direct marketing, a mailing list is essential – basically, you’ll need a list of all the people who’ve ever expressed an interest in their business or purchased something of yours in the past.

After all, it’s easier to sell to someone who’s expressed interest than selling to someone cold!

Emails can be targeted and personalised

Do you have a database of customers, previous clients or loyal registered users?

If so, congratulations – EDMs and catalogues might be the perfect marketing tool for you!

Sending emails out to people who are already on your database means you already have all their details – name, address, purchase history – which can be used to customise messages.

Hopefully you don’t need us to tell you that people respond better to content which is tailored to them – have you ever received an email that didn’t get your name right?

I bet it didn’t do a very good job of convincing you to purchase their product!

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