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Does Our SEO Agency in Melbourne Do Social Media as Well?

4 Apr

Not really any more!

While social media used to be one of the services offered by our SEO agency in Melbourne, in recent years we’ve moved away from it.

It wasn’t a decision we made lightly, or just because we didn’t like it – it was made after careful consideration regarding the potential and ROI that social media offered our clients.

Specifically, we noticed that for many of our clients, social media wasn’t getting them the same results as the other services we offered!

Why we don’t “do” social media anymore

SEO Agency in Melbourne

It isn’t inbound

There are 2 main types of marketing:

  1. Inbound marketing
  2. Outbound marketing

Essentially, inbound marketing is all about drawing customers in. By contrast, outbound is the exact opposite – it’s all about spreading your message and seeing who bites.

If you ask us, the first is dramatically more effective than the second!

Inbound marketing draws in people who are already in the market – if they’re actively seeking out your business, they’re already somewhat committed to making a purchase.

While social media can be used for inbound marketing, that requires work. As a result, most businesses use it for a mix of outbound marketing and relationship management.

While both of these are important, they don’t really align with our inbound focus – as a result, we don’t offer it anymore!

Learn more about the difference between inbound and outbound marketing.

It’s not cost-effective for all types of businesses

There are many businesses that can thrive using nothing more than social media for their marketing.

Take a more “creative” business like a tattoo parlour as an example.

Tattoos speak for themselves. When you look at a picture of a tattoo, you can SEE the artistry and care that goes into it. What’s more, they’re also easy to share.

That picture you uploaded to your Insta or Facebook? It can spread far and wide, reaching hundreds of pairs of eyeballs – some of whom might be kicking around the idea of getting a tat of their own.

So what’s the problem? Simple: not all businesses can achieve the same level of spread on social media.

One of our previous clients specialised in industrial food production equipment – hardly the type of thing that gains traction on social media!

By contrast, services like search engine optimisation are much more flexible, and can benefit a much wider range of businesses.

It isn’t as time-effective

A successful social media strategy requires a lot of time and a frequent stream of posts to be successful. That means posting every hour, and constantly coming up with ideas for content.

All of this takes a huge amount of customisation, personalisation and input.

We aren’t against doing the extra work – however, we’ve noticed that shile strategies like search engine optimisation and pay-per-click advertising take longer to set up, keeping them running once they’re set up is pretty straightforward.

Our goal at iformat is to give you the most bang for your buck. And most of the time, social media isn’t it!

That doesn’t mean that social media has NO place in your digital marketing strategy

Sure, it may not be as flexible as other strategies, and it may not be our first choice when it comes to getting results.

That being said, that doesn’t mean that social media is useless!

Social media is a must these days. Not only does it promote engagement and brand awareness, it can also boost website visits and (indirectly) improve SEO.

Of course, as with all other things digital, it requires a strategy first.

What is a social media strategy?

A social media strategy guides your online interaction and is the frame-work for what you want to say, who you want to talk to, and how you want to present the information.

A clear social media strategy dictates:

  • Which social media platforms you’re going to use
  • How you’re going to encourage engagement, brand awareness, and website visits
  • What type of content you need to create

The strategy should be compiled professionally; it’s not something you can just guess, otherwise you’ll end up wasting your valuable time!

How iformat can help with your social media

While we’re primarily an SEO agency nowadays, we aren’t afraid to help out with your social media if we feel like it’ll help you get the results you’re looking for!

Advising you about your social media strategy

While we may not be in the business of managing clients’ social media any more, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help.

One of the things that sets our SEO agency in Melbourne apart from others is our focus on crafting personalised strategies that account for your unique circumstances and requirements.

  • Your company
  • Your brand “voice”
  • What your customers like
  • What speaks to them
  • Your purchase funnel

While we don’t work with social media anymore, we can still provide advice and direction regarding what will work best for your socials, drawing on our marketing experience.

Content for the social media machine

At iformat, high-quality content forms the core of our search engine optimisation strategies. We create content that’s:

  • Optimised for conversion
  • Interesting and relevant
  • On-brand
  • Optimised for searches that you want to be found for

In addition to all of these however, our content also provides great social media fodder!

Not all businesses will benefit from uploading selfies and posting about promotions on their socials. For some, their customers demand something a bit more informative.

Luckily, that’s content that we can produce for you as part of your SEO strategy.


Our team uses advanced analytics tools that allow us to determine exactly how your digital marketing strategy Melbourne is performing. These tools allow us to figure out:

  • Which pages are getting the most traffic
  • How long people are sticking around for
  • What they’re doing while they’re on your site

Another thing that our reports track is where your website visitors are coming from, including social media platforms.

Using this information, we can help you find out how effective your approach towards social media is.

Social media strategy

Get the results you want with our SEO agency in Melbourne

While we may not do social media anymore, that doesn’t mean we can’t help!

We want to see your business succeed, and to offer the best value while doing it. If you ask us, search engine optimisation is the way to go about it!

Since 2006, we’ve been helping small and medium businesses alike (as well as some larger ones) get the results they’re looking for with digital marketing strategies that are tailored to their circumstances.

We focus on:

  • Increasing your online visibility
  • Getting you found by the customers you want
  • Getting you more of the business you want

While SEO offers the best bang for your buck and is the most stable long-term digital strategy, that doesn’t mean that social media doesn’t have its place.

Of course, as with all things, it’s important that you get the right advice.

Interested to see how you can improve your digital marketing strategy? Give us a call today at 1300 88 64 50 to find out how you and your business can get ahead.