There are many companies out there that outsource. But we are a dependable solution with an office and staff that are accountable and contactable when you need us.

What is outsourcing?

It's simply getting help with a web development or web design project from a third party.

Why is it important?

If you don't have web developers in-house or have a shortage of staff, you can use a reliable outsource company to help.

Why iformat?

About 50% of the 200 websites we've developed have been for other companies that outsource to us. We do it well. We do it on time. We do it on budget.

Benefits of outsourcing web development

The benefits of outsourcing web development are often perceived to be just the cost saving element. Furthermore, most people see outsourcing as sending a job overseas for a cheaper price, but there is a lot more to outsourcing than that.

Our top scenarios for outsourcing

We have heaps of experience in dealing with agencies all over the world and most of our agency clients fit into these scenarios:

  • They don’t have the expertise - They have a great agency, and even a great web development team, but they need someone with a different expertise - perhaps in a specific platform or a specific area of marketing.
  • They’re just busy - They need some work done. And they don’t want to hire new people for a short-term project.
  • They need good consultation... - and not just a solution to a brief. It’s important to get the right advice from the right people, and that’s where we help.
  • They need help to sell an idea - Some agencies know how to sell print or branding, but they don’t know how to sell web design or a specific platform, like Adobe Business Catalyst. We step in and help them sell the idea.
  • Understanding a complex quote - Agencies get asked to provide a quote on a complex web proposal. We help decode it and get the price right.

Our top 10 benefits of white label web development

‘White label development’ means that a website which is produced by one company is re-branded by another company to give it a unique and customised look and feel. Beyond the scenarios above there are some very tangible benefits to white label web development:

  1. Lower operational and labour costs
  2. The opportunity to focus on your key strengths
  3. Free-up internal resources to focus on more important tasks
  4. Rid yourself of mundane or laborious tasks that lower-skilled or lower-cost staff can do
  5. Access to specialist companies and expertise
  1. Manage staff shortages effectively
  2. Reduce risk of embarking on a project that you might not be able to handle internally
  3. Enable expansion of your service offering without investing in staff or R & D
  4. Reduce training costs and the learning curve
  5. Improve profitability on your hourly rate

Why iformat’s outsourcing services?

There are some great benefits to working with iformat for outsourcing web design and development projects.

  • We’re Melbourne based - So if you’re in Australia, and specifically Melbourne, you’ll always be able to get great consultation
  • Proactive consultation - Sometimes it’s not ‘monkey see, monkey do’. We get into the detail and offer great solutions.
  • Quiet consultation - Sometimes we need to just shut up and listen to what you want us to do and then just do it. So we do. Real quiet-like.
  • Dependable outsourcing - We have our own company in the Philippines. We don’t outsource. We have our own company with our own staff, employed by iformat.
  • Cost-effective outsourcing - Ditto the above.
  • Experience - We’ve developed more than 100 projects for companies all around the world including the US, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, England and France.
  • Support - Once the site is launched, we’re there for the long haul! We help support you and your clients.

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