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Mobilegeddon Is Nearing… But What Are My Options?

16 Apr

By now, there’s no doubt you’re aware of the looming deadline of what the online marketing world has named “Mobilegeddon” – the huge algorithm change Google will implement from 21st April across its entire mobile search network.

In just four days, Google will roll out an algorithm change that is rumoured to be bigger than previous updates Panda and Penguin, which affected 12 per cent and 4 per cent of search queries, respectively.

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We’ve said many times how important it is to provide users with a great experience on you website, regardless of the device they are using.

Google’s latest update is just that final push many people needed to seriously look at what it takes to make their current, desktop-only site responsive or mobile-friendly.

So what are your options? iformat provides three that you need to consider if you’re not yet responsive.

Each have their own set of pros and cons, all are accepted by Google, and they do differ in cost. Here, we break them down for you so you can better understand what it takes (and what it means) to go responsive and mobile-friendly.


Option 1: Change your existing site to responsive (from $950)

This solution entails implementing a mobile specific template onto your existing website.

This is great if you’re happy with your current site. On the downside, some functionality and layout elements may not work properly or look perfect, as your original site was not designed to be responsive.

Additionally, this option may result in a longer delivery time.


Option 2: Go mobile/tablet specific (from $950)

A mobile- and tablet-specific version will provide cool functionality specifically for those devices – think fly out menus, Google maps integration, and tap-to-call phone numbers.

As they are optimised exclusively for mobile and tablet devices, they are lighter, speedier and will not contain excessive images or design elements that might otherwise slow a website down.


Option 3: Move your existing site to a responsive platform (from $1500)

Move your desktop-only website to one of our responsive templates. Responsive is, in fact, Google’s recommended and preferred configuration.

That is not to say that Google does not favour options one and two; rather, responsive is simply their most preferred.

Your website will be moved to one of iformat’s proven responsive templates (which look great on every device and every screen size) and includes the main build, an optional reskin, and the option of retaining your current website’s data.

A reskin – to match the current look and feel of your website – incurs an additional cost, while longer delivery time is a possible downside.

Still unsure? Find out more about the options available to tackle Mobilegeddon here.

Contact us immediately to find out which option suits your current website best. Fill in the form or call us today: 1300 88 64 50