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Dominate Google rankings and generate high-quality enquiries from qualified leads with iformat SEO experts in Melbourne.

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What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique used to ensure your website is found when someone searches for specific phrases on search engines like Google.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy that is constantly evolving.

Why is SEO important for any business?

  • SEO is the pillar of inbound marketing.
  • It will increase traffic. It will improve visibility.
  • It will deliver better quality leads, enquiries, and calls.
  • And it will generate sustainable, long-term results.

Why use iformat to assist with SEO?

  • Our SEO experts in Melbourne have been doing SEO for 12+ years
  • We have a proven track record
  • We use Google-friendly strategies
  • We get results – and we guarantee them!

Search Engine Optimisation Melbourne Services – What’s in it for you and your business?

These are our top 5 reasons to invest in Search Engine Optimisation in Melbourne

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Search Engine Optimisation offers long-lasting, sustainable results for a business

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term strategy, and when done correctly, provides sustainable results that can have a huge impact on continual business growth and sales.

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Your SEO campaign results in the best ROI compared to paid strategies

If you target phrases that indicate a customer’s intent to buy, you will always get a better dollar-for-dollar return on investment than any other online strategy.

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Traffic from Search Engine Optimisation always converts at a higher rate

In our experience, traffic from organic search always converts at a much higher percentage than any other ‘channel’ of traffic such as paid or social media.
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Higher-quality enquiries from potential customers

Enquiries generated from Search Engine Optimisation tend to be more qualified, from people with genuine intent to buy and you get less tyre-kickers!

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You'll know your ROI as all data is tracked and measured.

We measure everything and report it all!

We’ll tell you how many enquiry forms and phone calls can be attributed to your Search Engine Optimisation efforts through in-depth monthly reporting.

GMB Search engine optimisation in Melbourne
Briggs Electrical’s Search Engine Optimisation Strategy…

One simple Search Engine Optimisation strategy dominates highly searched terms, grew traffic by 1509%, and increased calls by 2066%!

More about Search Engine Optimisation with SEO Experts in Melbourne

Search Engine Optimisation is a long term marketing strategy that directs prospective customers to your website when they search for related products and services on the web.

Sounds relatively simple, right?

Nope: it’s actually very complex to do SEO the right way.

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Melbourne SEO Expert’s Unique Process

SEO is always changing, and Google knows how to keep a good SEO agency on its toes by constantly adjusting its Search Engine Optimisation rules.

As SEO experts in Melbourne, we monitor. We adapt. We get results… always.

Our Search Engine Optimisation process is tried and tested and we hold ourselves accountable for SEO success.

SEO Audit

Where you are right now determines how hard it will be – and how long it will take – to get your Search Engine Optimisation strategy delivering lots of enquiries.

An audit is critical to understanding your current situation and how to improve upon it.

SEO Strategy

We focus on converting and conversion rate; to do this we look for keywords that indicate a direct intent to buy.

There are many things to consider – but understanding a user’s intent is the best way to get more business.

Ongoing Optimisation

As SEO experts in Melbourne servicing all businesses in Australia, our core principle is based on this simple fact: good content ranks. We get the content right first, and our team look at on-page and off-page strategies.

World-class Search Engine Optimisation software helps our SEO specialists get everything right.

Analyse and Improve

We regularly monitor the work we do and the results you get. We then actively prioritise the most important and effective strategies to maximise your SEO results.

You’ll always know what we do, the great results we’re achieving, and what we’re focusing on next to continually improve.

Our Search Engine Optimisation agency in Melbourne gets it done the right way!

There are many questions that need to be answered before choosing what to optimise for.

Some people may choose keywords based solely on search volume – naturally, you might assume keywords with the highest amount of monthly searches are the ones you should target.

But there are so many other factors that are just as important to consider:

What phrases are people actually searching for?

What you think people are searching for vs. what they are actually searching for may not be the same.

How competitive is the online marketplace for those phrases?

Higher competition keywords means there are more businesses fighting for that top spot. We may look at starting with Medium-Low competition keywords if you are a new business.

Does your website currently stand a chance of ranking for those phrases?

How much credibility does your current website have in Google’s ‘eyes’? This helps us determine which keywords are most appropriate to target.

How much work would it take to get you to rank for those phrases?

And are your expectations for results realistic? Naturally, you will take longer to rank for higher competition keywords over Low-Medium keywords.

Should we choose other phrases that are more specific?

Niche searches can often be dominated, resulting in more driven and qualified leads coming to your site in a shorter amount of time.

Are there phrases that are more relevant for your business?

We uncover thousands of search phrases in our keyword research – many of which might surprise you.

Should we choose more geographically specific phrases?

If you offer products or services locally, we will also look at suburb-related searches.

Consider if this scenario applies to you…

Your situation

Let’s say you are an accountant who wants to start Search Engine Optimisation for your business.

You might be want to rank for a phrase like “Accountant Melbourne” knowing this could be searched hundreds of times per month!

However, this keyword may be VERY competitive – making it hard to rank for.

What’s realistic?

At iformat, our SEO experts in Melbourne, will evaluate your current situation and advise what phrases are most realistic for you to target for the short and long-term.

Short-term, we may suggest that you go for lower-competition phrases, or more niche terms, that are specifically suited to your business.

Choose the best strategy

Trying to rank for highly competitive terms or phrases like “Accountant Melbourne” may be unrealistic for you in the short term.

It’s just not something you can rank for in a snap.

To get there, you will need to invest in a long-term Search Engine Optimisation strategy.

Getting the right benefits

After all, five leads from a niche phrase that is only searched 20 times per month is better than zero leads from a competitive phrase searched 1000 times per month!

(And if you need to jump the queue and get visits straight away – we may suggest using Google Ads to appear on page one.)

Don’t be fooled – make sure you get your SEO strategy right

Too many Search Engine Optimisation Agencies just create a list of keywords that have good search volumes. They impress you with possibilities and hope for the best.

As SEO specialists from Melbourne, these are our top rules for ensuring you choose the right Search Engine Optimisation agency…

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A good SEO must be able to show you good ranking results. If they can’t show you multiple businesses with good ranking and good enquiries or sales – do not use them.

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A Search Engine Optimisation agency must do a workshop with you to understand your business. Only then can they determine the most appropriate SEO strategy for your business.

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Don’t let the agency make you choose the keywords to go for. A good search engine optimisation agency will give you the most appropriate, practical and relevant advice.

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An SEO expert in Melbourne will always spark a conversation that leads to keywords you hadn’t thought of or come back to you with other keywords that open possibilities to more business.

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A good search engine optimisation agency will always choose a range of keywords but present ones that are ‘focused’ on getting you the most qualified enquiries.

In short, working with an SEO specialist is a collaborative process: no one knows your business better than you, but as Melbourne SEO experts, it is our job to gain an in-depth understanding and create a strategy best suited to not only the products and services you offer, but your business objectives and goals, too.

So, are we the right Search Engine Optimisation Agency for you?
There’s only one way to find out!