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Why You’re Mad to Dive Into Social Media Without a Strategy

25 Feb

If you’re not active on social media, you’re competitors will be!

Did you know that on any given day, it is possible to get twice as much reach on Facebook than through advertising on America’s biggest television show?

Social media is active.

That’s a fact. Consumers are no longer on the receiving end of a one-way communication channel: social media platforms have given them a voice, and we are now a part of a two-way outlet.

There has been a massive shift in power from editor-generated content to user-generated content due to the increased active usage of social networks.

How to begin in social media

Starting out in social media can be a little daunting – there are a lot of questions you need to ask yourself, like:

• What are my business objectives?
• What platforms are my target audience using?
• How many platforms should I be on?
• How am I meant to track returns?
• And what on earth or ‘organic reach’?!

By figuring out exactly what you want to achieve, you will feel much more in control once you begin using various platforms.

Why you need a social media strategy

An accurately devised social media strategy that will cater to a combination of your business objectives and your target audience’s needs is the best way to achieve measurable results from social media participation.

The reason you need a strategy is that it will determine:

i) WHAT you want to say

ii) TO WHOM you want to say it

iii) HOW you will present it

These three points combine your objective, your target audience, and your chosen platform.

A strategy will serve as your guide; a clear path to follow when investing time and resources into various social media platforms.

The best way to achieve measurable results from social media is to accurately devise a social media strategy catered to your business and customer wants and needs.

This is where we can help you.

iformat listens (and learns about) your needs and objectives, and can devise a tailored strategy to help you build your business’ presence and rapport in the social media sphere.

There are many benefits of incorporating a social media strategy into your marketing approach. Joining a social media platform gives a face to your brand and actively participating within that platform means that you help to build a relationship, as well as confidence and trust, between you and your customers and visitors.

Social media marketing

Engaging with visitors and building a rapport means you can identify and fulfil their objectives. This will help to grow and develop your brand loyalty.

People are constantly having conversations on social media. By following relevant topics, you can use social media to become a source of lead generation.

Some great tips to engage users are:

Use images and links wherever possible – people interact well with visual material, and are more likely to share this kind of post.

Ask questions – this invites users to respond and therefore engage, not only with you, but with other users, too!

Be personable, friendly, and don’t be afraid to show off a sense of humour!

Brand loyalty is increased when people learn that they can contribute their own opinions in a public forum: it lets them know that they are being heard and are cared about. Grow and nourish brand loyalty by actively participating on social media.

Social media statistics

Every day:

450 million users are logging into Facebook

140 million Twitter users are sending 340 million Tweets

40% of LinkedIn’s 300 million users are logging in

Those are some pretty impressive numbers! You could be expanding your reach to these users (maybe not 450 million of them, though!), who could be your customers, employees and partners. A social media strategy allows you to make the most out of your social media efforts by identifying goals before creating content, and will help you avoid aimless posting.

A strong social media strategy

Being part of social media within your business is more than just sending out a few Facebook statuses and sending out some Tweets every month. People who do not have the time or resources will do this, but having a cleverly-devised and specific social media plan will aim to ensure you are making the most out of social media platforms.

Building your brand online won’t happen overnight, but it can happen. A strong social media strategy is built around knowing what you want to achieve by being on social media!

Remember the three Ps when you’re considering your social media strategy: planning, participation, and patience.

To learn how iformat can help you develop a specific, goal-oriented social media strategy, get in touch today!