Understanding this information and how to harness it is key to a successful digital and online strategy.

Business Assessment and Workshop – Digital Strategy Point 01

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What is the digital strategy workshop?

This is a four-hour, in-depth onsite meeting with key members of your team looking at many aspects of your business, including how it is currently performing online, current activities, future goals, products, services and importantly, your target market.

Why is it important?

It provides the foundation for everything we do. To develop an online strategy that is a true reflection of your business and generates awareness, leads and sales, we need to understand your business in detail.

What does it include?

  • A thorough, onsite workshop
  • Analysis of your business’ current situation
  • Your current online activities and performance
  • Your goals, objectives, targets and expectations
  • Analysis of your target markets and buying personas
  • Analysis of your ‘purchase lifecycle’

What are the outcomes?

After our initial workshop, we get to work documenting everything we have learned about your business. We then begin to conceive ideas focused on how the strategy will be implemented to achieve your goals and overcome your online challenges. Every other point of our strategy is developed from this document to enable consistent goals, messages, sales tactics, and content.

  • Documented understanding of your business
  • Documented analysis of your current situation for future assessment and comparison
  • Documented analysis of your online activities, and ideas and strategies for how it may be improved
  • Detailed target marketing analysis
  • Target market buying personas
  • Purchase lifecycle analysis
  • Content strategy ideas
  • Documented strategic solutions
  • Sales techniques
  • Website structure suggestions
  • Calls-to-action
  • Unique selling position

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