We build websites based on statistical data - not theory. The information learned in this strategy point enables us to create the best possible - or optimised - structure for your website.

What is research and analysis?

Our research and analysis is based around Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is the art of ensuring your website is optimised to be found online.

In this step, we investigate how your business, services, products and website sit in the online search universe.

Why is research and analysis important?

This research is crucial because it provides us with quantified information that educates us on what we need to do to ensure your website generates awareness, leads and sales.

It is another pillar in the foundation for everything we create, design and build.

What does the research and analysis include?

  • Detailed analysis of your online marketplace
    • Analysis of your current online presence
    • Analysis of your competitor’s online presence
  • Understanding of what phrases you would like to be found for
  • Analysis of what your customers are actually searching for online
  • Analysis of search data in relation to you marketplace
  • Analysis of how you are performing online

What are the outcomes of our research and analysis?

A presentation of lots and lots of data! Including:
  • Documented information on how you are performing online
  • Documented information on how your online competitors are performing
  • Documented information on what your customers are actually searching for online
  • Refined data on the phrases your website should be / must be optimised for
  • Site map and structure based on statistical data
  • Creation of 'meta data' (This is very important information required for your website)

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