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Everything we do is geared towards generating awareness, leads and sales for your business:

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Our 10 Point Digital Strategy has been developed by iformat to ensure we direct your business along a proven path to deliver results. The unique step-by-step process that has been proven to work and ensures results when implemented correctly.

This is why clients come to iformat.

If you want more than ‘just a website’ - you want results for your business - iformat is the digital agency for you.


Digital and web strategy is our passion

We’ve built more than 200 websites over the 8 years we’ve been in business. It sounds impressive right? But we’ll tell you a secret. Creating a website is simple.

But creating a strategy that generates awareness, leads and sales? Now that’s hard.

And this is what we’re passionate about. Websites that generate awareness, leads and sales. This is our mantra.

Do we build templates and quick websites for start-up businesses? Sure we do. We love helping businesses get started, and we’ve been there to help them as they grow. But helping businesses utilise online strategies and tactics is our passion. It’s what makes iformat tick and gives the team a real sense of accomplishment.

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