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What Is The $20 Million Digital Capability Program?

17 Sep

The Victorian government has announced $3 billion to help businesses adapt to ‘COVID-normal’, including vouchers to assist sole traders and small businesses building their digital capability

What is the Business Survival and Adaptation Package?

It’s a Victorian Government initiative designed to help businesses prepare for reopening. The Business Survival and Adaptation Package covers funding and support for a huge range of different areas.

Digital Capability Program

What’s exciting about it?

We’re excited that our clients will be able to apply for a share of $20M allocated for “assisting sole traders and small businesses building their digital capability”:

“$20 million voucher program to assist sole traders and small businesses in building their digital capability through off-the-shelf digital programs such as Shopify or Square online and workshops designed to help adapt to online operations.”

This could help many of our clients to adapt their online strategy so they can generate more awareness, leads and sales.


What does building your “digital capability” mean?

We spoke to the Victorian Government directly to find out what it all means but unfortunately, they didn’t know!

So that’s all we know at this time!

As soon as we find out we’ll let you know – 


What we think it may be about…

Because the Grant details specifically mention Shopify and Square, we assume that they are focused on grants to get businesses’ websites and online sales working effectively.

With massive growth in online sales in Victoria since the lockdown and Christmas fast approaching (with customers locked down), the need to have an effective online sales strategy is critical.

The first week of August saw eCommerce growth of 157% YOY in Victoria

With online spending growing by 157% in Victoria alone since lockdown, the predicted sales at Christmas look to be huge!

And this grant should be about helping you maximise your potential.


How can iformat help?

We’re not too sure how iformat can specifically help at this stage. If the money is to be spent on web design and development – then we would refer you to our web design partner Confetti Design.

But if the grant can be spent online marketing and SEO – we can help!

Let’s wait and see what they announce next.


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The moment we hear anything, we’ll be reporting on it –  to ensure you’re one of the first to know more details about the package!

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