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Training, support and maintenance


iformat provide ongoing training, support and maintenance for all client’s websites and projects.

Once a website has gone live, clients will be charged for any additional training, support and maintenance requested.

All of these services can be completed by:

  • Telephone – 1300 88 64 50
  • Email –
  • In Person – Please call to organise a session
  • Online – Please call to organise a session

What timeframes can I expect?

  • Open Door Policy
    • iformat are available on the phone for immediate training, support and maintenance where possible.
    • If someone is not immediately available due to project commitments, we will respond to you within one business working day.
  • 48 hour task completion
    • Simple maintenance and support requests are usually completed within two working days.
  • Urgent Support
    • If the matter is urgent we will prioritise and attend to it immediatley. An extra fee may apply.

What is support?

Support is deemed as being any assistance given to clients when they have a problem they cannot solve.

What is training?

Training is deemed as being any education given to a client about how to administer any part of their website.

What is maintenance?

Maintenance is deemed to be the implementation and completion of any requests from the client that requires changes, additions and fixes to any part of the website, administration area or graphic design elements.

Examples of where clients may be charged


  • How to set up emails
  • How to add emails
  • How to access admin area
  • How to access webmail
  • Domain management


  • How to add / remove pages
  • How to make text changes
  • How to add modules


  • Text changes to pages
  • Changes / replacements of images
  • Additional Flash images
  • Any amendments to the site or graphic design elements

If requesting maintenance tasks please use the following guidelines:

  1. Email any requests to
  2. Please be very specific and organised about your request so we can help you promptly and accurately which will save time spent on your requests and therefore on your bill.
  3. Fees and Charges

When will these fees be applied?

Any maintenance, support or training requests will be charged at our standard rates

  • Support and Training
    • When calls are made to iformat
    • When online meetings start
    • When explanations are provided via email
  • Maintenance
    • When a change is requested, responded to and then implemented

When will I be invoiced?

  • iformat bills on the last day of every month for any training, support or maintenance carried out during the month.

How am I charged?

Ad-hock Web Maintenance

  • Charges are per hour* + GST

    * Please see our current price structure and Pre-paid Packs prices from our website on the link below:

  • You are charged a minimum 15 minutes and per minute thereafter
  • If you require a quote or estimate, please request this prior to commencement of service
  • If you have been provided a quote, the amount quoted will be billed. If you have, however, extended on your request, extra charges will apply.

Pre-Paid Web Maintenance

The hourly rate can be reduced using pre-paid packs. Prices available from our website on the link below.

Training, Support and Maintenance Prices

Please see our current price structure and Pre-paid packs prices from our website on the link below:

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