iformat is a digital agency that creates online strategies for a broad range of businesses and organisations. It doesn’t matter what size the company is, or what services they provide.

How much time or money a company has to spend on a digital or online strategy is generally defined by how well their business is going.

In most cases, our strategies fit into one of three broad spectrums:


A new business that is generally cash-poor and needs to get online with a website that generates a bit of credibility.

Established business

The business is going well and there is some money to put into various strategies that generate awareness, leads and sales.

Mover and shaker

This business is booming and the directors are fully committed to a comprehensive digital strategy to help grow their business.


What digital and online strategies do we help these businesses with?

Each type of client requires a custom strategy to help them at whatever stage of business they are in. Even if they are a start-up business, our 10 Point Digital Strategy is split into components so that we can implement tailored strategies to suit their requirements.

The 10 Point Strategy has been developed with flexibility to ensure our methodology of basing digital and online strategies on a solid foundation of research and analysis can be implemented through a variety of customised solutions for businesses.

Our three main client groups would, generally speaking, use the following components of our 10 Point Strategy:

10 Point Digital Strategy Start-up Established business Mover and shaker
01 – Business Assessment No Yes – simplified but effective assessment. Yes – a full and comprehensive assessment that results in a 40+ page strategy document.
02 – Research and Analysis Yes – basic Yes - advanced Yes – advanced and closely integrated with the strategy document.
03 – Sales and Conversion Techniques No Yes - sometimes Yes – comprehensively researched and developed.
04 – Content Creation No Yes – but ‘strategy’ only – copy is usually written in-house. Content researched, written and optimised by our in-house copywriters.
05 – Structure No Yes – but simplified depending on the type of site developed Yes – complex structure tailored specifically to suit your needs.
06 – Website Design Yes - using a template Yes but typically a re-skin of existing template or, in some cases, custom design. Yes – completely custom, one-off design that is tailored to your strategy.
07 – Website Development Yes - using a template Yes but typically a redevelopment of an existing template or, in some cases, custom design. Yes - custom development specifically tailored towards each business goal.
08 - Online and Content Marketing No Yes - usually simple strategies such as blogging. No online advertising. Yes - comprehensive marketing strategies using content marketing and online advertising such as Google Adwords.
09 – Social Media No Yes – but strategy documentation only – social media activities implemented in-house by client. Yes - full strategy managed, created and implemented by iformat.
10 - Support Ongoing ad-hock support when they need it. Typically 3-5 hours of support per month. Typically 5-20 hours of support per month.

Our 10 Point Digital Strategy is designed to generate awareness, leads and sales for businesses of all types, no matter what stage they are at. Remember - the components can be implemented now or at a later stage but it is important to get the right advice from the start.

Spending money on a cheap template could just be money down the drain. Spending money on the right strategy is money well spent.

Get the strategy right from the start with iformat.

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