Marketing for Tradies

Our tradie marketing guarantees one thing: we’ll make the phone ring more!

Marketing for Tradies Melbourne

Marketing for Tradies

Start enjoying more leads, more phone calls, and more jobs from a tradie website designed to attract and convert!

Our proven technique is guaranteed to bring your tradie business more leads – simple as that.

Turn your business around with our proven all-in-one digital marketing packages for tradies, and enjoy:

  • More leads
  • More phone calls
  • More jobs

All of this for an affordable flat monthly fee. No interest, no catch – just a steady stream of new jobs!

Sustainable, long-term marketing strategy

A sustainable, long-term marketing strategy for your tradie business

Some clients want to know all the nitty-gritty details of the work we do on a monthly basis, while others are content as long as they’re seeing results.

And in the case of our tradies, the thing they love most about working with us? We make the phone ring more.

We do a lot of work behind the scenes, and our clients appreciate this.

But what they care most about is whether the phone is ringing and they’re booking more jobs – and that’s a result we can’t make up or disguise behind a fancy looking graph!

  • We take care of everything, giving you more time to work on your business
  • Sustainable results lead to real, long-term business growth
  • We work exclusively for you – your trade and your location – not your competitors!

    5-star review

    We switched over to have iformat look after our website and marketing a few years ago and we have never had more work! Declan and the team keep us informed and keep our marketing fresh and up to date. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you are looking for a new digital marketing specialist.

    Tri-Tech Air Conditioning, Brisbane

    Tri-Tech Air Conditioning, Brisbane


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    Why choose iformat for your tradie website?

    Our real value lies in delivering you a sustainable investment designed for long-term growth!

    During our 15-year history, we’ve worked with hundreds of businesses across a wide range of industries. But where we really exceed in results is with tradies – anywhere in Australia.

    Over the last five years particularly, we’re refined our strategy and are now proud to deliver you proven techniques, tools, and people to turn your tradie website into your business’s best sales and marketing tool!

    We also really excel when it comes to delivering ‘local SEO’ results – that means you get found when people are searching for your services in their local area.

    The first step is to meet with you in-person or online, and take a deep dive into your business and trade. We ask:

    • What makes you unique from your competitors?
    • Who is your ideal or intended customer?
    • Which services do you want to be found for?
    • Where do you want to operate?
    Why choose iformat for your tradie website

    After this initial meeting, your work is basically done!

    But our work is just beginning. Armed with the knowledge we uncover in our meeting, it’s now time for us to craft a marketing strategy that gets you the results you want.

    We carve out a unique niche for you: usually a specific service, location or attribute. In most cases, it’s a combination of the three.

    We’re proud of our hands-on approach that allows tradies like you to stay hands-off – so you to continue delivering services to your clients, while your website starts operating as your best sales tool.

    Don’t just take our word for it…

    Find out why tradies like you trust iformat!

    “The iformat team have completely transformed my online presence. I get more enquiries, more calls, and more business than ever before!”

    David Briggs – Briggs Electrical

    Trade: Electrician | Competition: High

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    Why is marketing for tradies important?


    Improved rankings

    More and better quality leads is our end goal. But the pathway to that is dependent on a bunch of other factors.

    To get better quality leads, you need more qualified traffic landing on your website.

    And to get more qualified traffic, you need to be ranking for the right keywords!

    This might sound a little controversial to other SEO companies, but here’s the truth: we don’t care about ranking for everything.

    Instead, we want to rank for keywords that:

    • Are highly relevant to your business and services
    • Have a good average monthly search volume
    • Will help us fulfil our short-term goals

    Attract better and higher-quality leads

    A large focus of our tradie strategy is ‘intent-based’ marketing.

    That means focusing on keywords that invite or encourage an action.

    For example – the term ‘air conditioning’. While it may be searched a decent amount of times per month, it’s hard to understand the intent behind the search. Is the user looking for a wall-mounted unit? Installation? Or simply the definition?

    A more specific, intent-based term like ‘air conditioning installation + suburb‘ now clearly tells us exactly what this user is looking for:

    A company who can install air conditioning in a specific location.


    Build brand credibility

    Own your local market and become a recognised brand in your service area.

    We know what your customers are looking for when they’re searching for reliable, local tradespeople. They’re choosing people to come into their home or workplace, after all.

    We incorporate these strategies and tactics to ensure your website accurately projects your image, credibility, people, and brand.


    Bring in more of the types of jobs you want

    As a tradie, you probably offer a whole suite of services – but secretly, there are some you wish you got more of.

    Almost every tradie we work with knows the jobs that bring them the most profit – and these quickly emerge as the ones they want the most of.

    Consequently, they also have those jobs they continue to offer, even though they’re the ones they don’t want to do and deliver the least profit. Uncovering this means we can tailor your strategy to attract the right kinds of clients for the right kinds of jobs.

    Our focus is not simply more leads; it’s more leads for:

    • The types of jobs you want to do…
    • In the areas you want go…
    • From the customers you want the most!

    Tradie marketing strategies that make you Hi-VIS


    Visibility is more than just pushing you to the top of Google. It’s about building a brand for you, and spreading that brand across the digital space.

    Most importantly, it’s about establishing your credibility, and telling customers that their home is in good hands.


    Your customers want a tradie that knows their stuff. They want someone that fixes their problems. They want someone who isn’t going to wreck their home.

    That’s what we’re all about. We inspire trust in your skills. We inspire confidence. And most importantly, we inspire people to call you.


    Tradie digital marketing isn’t a once and done thing. It’s a long-term project that requires ongoing maintenance and constant improvement.

    iformat works behind-the-scenes to ensure that your tradie marketing strategy continues to bring in new business.

    So, are we the right Digital Agency for you? There’s only one way to find out!