DIY SEO Coaching

What if you had a team of SEO experts coaching your team to get great results?

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What is DIY SEO Coaching?

‘Do It Yourself’ means doing all (or most) the work without the help of an agency.

‘Coaching’ means you have an SEO expert working with you to ensure you are getting the results you need.

Why do DIY SEO Coaching?

If you want to get results and reduce costs this is a great solution!

At the moment, your team may have time on their hands that can be invested in SEO. You can get the right strategy now, for a more sustainable future for your business.

Why use iformat as your DIY SEO Coach?

  • We have a proven track record in getting great results
  • We have proven systems and strategies
  • We have Melbourne-based experts that can deal with you directly

Top 5 reasons to do DIY SEO Coaching

Now could be the perfect time to get hands-on and save money…

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Save money
You’ll learn expert SEO strategies without paying agency fees.
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Save time

You’ll focus on tasks that get your site ranking – not learning all the technical stuff.

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Get results

Get agency-level results by implementing a customised strategy that really works for you.

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No guesswork
You’ll know exactly what to do, how to do it, and how to measure results.
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You'll be the voice

You’ll be the creator of content without relying on other people to write for you.

GMB Optimisation

We’ll help you implement the same strategies that take our clients to the top of Google…

More about DIY SEO Coaching

A DIY SEO Strategy is designed to give you and your team the best information and tools to grow your rank and then maintain results – without using an agency to do everything for you.

There’ll be no need to rely on an agency to do everything for you – you’ll be in complete control.

In short: you’ll have all the help you need to Do It Yourself!

We’ll show you…

  • How to improve your existing strategy
  • What strategies you can implement now to get quick results
  • Where problems lie within your current strategy
  • What your competitors are doing to get results
  • How you can then beat your competitors
  • What content you need to create to maximise your rank and get more traffic

Our DIY SEO process


We speak to you and learn about your business and your current strategy.


We analyse your current strategy to fully understand what you need to do to be successful online.


We create a customised strategy and action plan for you to implement and start getting results.

Ongoing coaching

We provide ongoing coaching with content suggestions, tips, ongoing analysis, reporting and more.

Meet your SEO experts and coaching team

Declan - iformat SEO Agency Founder
Declan Reynolds
Owner of iformat and your Strategy Lead.
Ana - iformat SEO Agency Founder
Ana Urban
Owner of iformat and head of SEO strategy.
Demi Avatar
Demi Papigiotis
Head of Content and your main point of contact.

Who is DIY SEO Coaching for?

Business Owners

For any business that wants to continue with SEO but cut costs by bringing its SEO strategy in-house.

We’ll create a customised strategy with specific tasks to focus on that will ensure your website is more effectively optimised.


For any eCommerce business that finds optimising their entire catalogue to be difficult and time consuming.

We’ll coach you in optimising your eCommerce site to be better than your competitors and give you all the tools you need to ensure your products get found.


Copywriters who create excellent content, and want to enhance their offering to give their clients better, more effective online results.

We’ll work with you to maximise the strengths of your copywriting by managing an effective SEO strategy that gets more business for your clients.

Marketing Agencies

For agencies that have a talented team in-house but do not have the resources to focus on all the aspects of SEO.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to create effective strategies in-house without the hard work that goes with it.

So, are we the right SEO Agency for you?
There’s only one way to find out!