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What is eCommerce SEO?

eCommerce SEO is a much more involved process than that of optimising a standard ‘business’ website.

Most eCommerce spaces are highly competitive and to be found when someone searches for a product takes a lot of work; optimising product pages, catalogues and even images.

Creating the right strategy that will bring you traffic and sales requires thorough data research and detailed analysis.

Why is eCommerce SEO important?

People are searching for products online more than ever before, with online spend totalling $32B up 17.5% in 2019!

But to be able to reach these potential clients, your site needs to be optimised correctly, and for the right products.

This is why a good eCommerce SEO strategy is so important.

Why iformat eCommerce SEO agency ?

  • We’ve been doing SEO for 12+ years
  • We have a proven track record
  • We use Google-friendly strategies
  • We don’t use ‘black-hat’ techniques that can get your site penalised by Google
  • We improve usability and conversion on your online store
  • We get results – and we guarantee them!

Why should you invest in eCommerce SEO for your online store?

In 2018, Australians spent $27.5 billion buying goods online, a 24.4% increase year on year (YOY).

Online Shopping Growth

Online Shopping Growth

With this kind of growth, it’s easy to see why eCommerce is so competitive and why optimising your website should be a key strategy for any online store owner.

So you want to beat your competitors’ online store but aren’t sure how?

We’re always amazed that the eCommerce stores we work with in Melbourne and across Australia haven’t invested time in getting the basics right.

The right strategy always begins with the right foundation.

We don’t just optimise your website; we at iformat eCommerce SEO agency in Melbourne create a sound marketing strategy, supported by market research and a thorough understanding of not only your business and the products it sells, but your goals for the immediate and long-term future, too.

By implementing some effective strategies, you can be confident that you’re getting a solid SEO strategy designed to increase traffic and lead to more sales!

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Top 5 on-page eCommerce SEO strategies to correctly optimise your store

These optimisation strategies are usually the main difference between the top site on Google… and everyone else.

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Optimised site structure

Getting the store structure right is critical for users to explore your products.

But it’s also important to optimise the structure with the right keywords.

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Optimised descriptions and title tags

These tags give Google important information about your website and the products you sell.

Take the time to ensure they’re compelling and, importantly, optimised.

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Optimise content for catalogues and products

Don’t make the mistake of neglecting content!

Create good quality, in-depth content for both your catalogue and product pages.

This makes a huge difference to your ranking.

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Keyword-rich URLs and product names

Ensure both the URL and product names of your pages are keyword rich.

Try to keep it short but always ensure that they contain keywords that match what users are searching for.

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Create content regularly on a consistent basis

Create great content… the more the better.

Some long-form, optimised content written by experts, and shorter-form written by you, is an ideal mix.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of what you need to do. But these are critical strategies that store owners don’t know about or simply don’t invest time into getting it right.

Tip: Take a look at your competitors’ websites!

It’s a solid bet that not all of them have implemented the key optimisation strategies we’ve listed above. If they haven’t, then you can beat them online and get more of a share of the digital shopping marketplace.

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We guaranteed a 100% increase in traffic

133% increase achieved

“Declan and team do an excellent job, couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

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What else do we consider when optimising your store?

One of the biggest factors to consider is the ‘development’ of your website.

A lot of online store owners neglect the importance of a technically well-built website.

There’s a very long list of things you need to do but some critical things to consider are:

  • Ensuring your website is fast
  • Ensuring it works seamlessly on mobile
  • Ensuring it is free of technical errors
  • Run a regular audit to identify and fix errors
Online Store SEO

We at iformat eCommerce agency in Melbourne develop a great online store optimisation strategy

Entering the world of online shopping means you’re trying to crack a highly competitive and well-established market.

To succeed, you need to do some in-depth research and explore what phrases you can target to start driving sales as quickly as possible.

The following process is different to the key strategies above. This process is about how you can start to create a foundational keyword strategy that underpins everything you do.Here’s a look into how we do it…

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We understand your online marketplace and how you fit into it

  • We take a good look at the competitive landscape of the areas you want to target
  • We ensure that you get a sense of how challenging that marketplace is and who the players are
  • We look at your current situation: how are you performing in the marketplace right now?

Then our eCommerce SEO specialist can start working on your journey with open eyes and a good sense of the opportunities and challenges ahead.

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We uncover what your competitors are doing

By doing some in-depth detective work, we gain a full understanding of what your competitors are doing online. We can find out:

  • How they get sales
  • What share of the market they have
  • What phrases they are targeting
  • How much content they create and what they are writing about

We learn from people that are already successful in online shopping… and this insight helps us to create a more effective strategy for you.

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We conduct in-depth keyword research

It’s very easy to do simple keyword research and find out what your potential customers are searching for.

But there is an art and science to choosing the right ones for your business.

When you optimise for eCommerce, there are usually many more keywords you can target because of all the products, catalogues, brands, and other options on your site.

Our approach to this is:

  • To create an initial keyword list in partnership with you
  • Look at all all your products, pages and options and think of everything people might search for
  • Conduct in-depth keyword research that uncovers as many search terms as possible
  • Assess the competition level (or ‘keyword difficulty’) of each phrase
  • Create ‘clusters’ of keywords and phrases that relate to products you sell and also demonstrate ‘intent’ to buy

We then use this information to create a practical and effective strategy for you.

eCommerce SEO strategy

Creating a practical eCommerce SEO strategy

This is one of the most important things a good SEO agency must do for you.

It is key that you do not get carried away with targeting phrases based purely on search volume.

You may need to create a strategy to help you get results with a short, medium and long-term view.

For a brand new website we would focus on:

  • An immediate strategy to optimise your online store
  • Creating an ongoing content and SEO strategy that generates sales as quickly as possible
  • Establishing rank for lower competition phrases in the medium term
  • Building rank for targeting more competitive and highly searched phrases in the long term

Don’t make the mistake of targeting the most highly searched, highly competitive phrases if your site is brand new.

We focus on your best chance of getting business in fast.

Who do we work with?

We work with all types of online stores across Melbourne and Australia, no matter their size, that have one thing in common…

The drive to do eCommerce SEO the right way – no matter what.

There’s no point in cutting corners with your eCommerce SEO strategy. When you enter this space you have to get it right.

Typically we work with three different types of online stores:

Start-up or new business looking to get off on the right foot

Brand new stores that aren’t currently generating any revenue through Google.

Established, physical store moving to online sales

You’ve got an established physical location and want to shift into online sales.

Established online stores looking to explode sales online

You’re well established online, enjoying some good rankings. But you want to take sales to the next level.

Meet the team that will get this right for you

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Owner of iformat and head of SEO strategy.
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Demi Papigiotis

Head of Content and your main point of contact.
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Monthly Content Manager and expert in creating content that ranks.

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Technical SEO expert focused on getting the things you can’t see right.

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