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We’re an SEO Agency in Melbourne and Brisbane that loves helping small and medium businesses thrive.

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Our Local SEO Agency delivers more than just rankings – we focus on LEADS

We love helping businesses like yours grow and succeed – most importantly, we’re terrific at it too

If you, like many small and medium business owners, are not yet investing in a quality local SEO Agency, you’re probably spending a lot of time chasing leads and prospects. This soaks up a lot of your efforts and distracts you from the parts of your job you are really good at and enjoy.

Or perhaps, you’ve already invested in Search Engine Optimisation, but months have passed, and you’re still not clear about what your SEO campaign has actually achieved. You may have seen some rankings going up, and even a boost to your organic traffic. But what you can’t see is these efforts leading to more or better quality leads.

And besides a flimsy report and of course their monthly invoice, you don’t really ever hear from your agency.

Results-focused SEO Agency in Melbourne

That’s where we come in! As a results-focused SEO Agency in Melbourne, we:

  • First understand your business, your customers, and your goals
  • Design an SEO strategy based on what your clients are really looking for
  • Find out what will realistically bring you the best ROI based on your current position and your budget
  • Based on that, we uncover your most valuable keywords and phrases and we make really clear to Google that is what you do, offer, or sell!
  • Implement, monitor, report and constantly improve your website and SEO strategy

And this is how our local SEO agency services get you to number 1 for the most appropriate search terms that are going to deliver quality traffic that converts into your most valuable leads!

With more than 15 years of experience, our local SEO agency works with all kinds of businesses, anywhere in Australia. We’ll help you uncover what your target audience really wants when they search for your products or services online.

And then, we ensure YOURS is the business they find, and that your website visitors convert into leads.

5-star review

We switched over to have iformat look after our website and marketing a few years ago and we have never had more work! Declan and the team keep us informed and keep our marketing fresh and up to date. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend if you are looking for a new digital marketing specialist.

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What does SEO mean to us?

The truthful answer is that SEO means many different things to different agencies. We know that there are other SEO agencies around Melbourne using different tactics to try to achieve their SEO goals. One tactic in particular that we have seen other agencies promote is link building. In our opinion, this is a weak SEO tactic, and is miles away from the long-term investment we consider our own strategy to be.

While link building does play its role in our strategy, our core focus has always been creating high-quality content for your website that improves your local SEO ranking and helps to convert.

An SEO strategy focused solely on link building is a risky move and one we advise against. A link building strategy means several important things:

The risks of ONLY building links for your SEO Strategy

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Links can be removed at any time – without warning. For example, your old SEO agency may disable them when you terminate their services.

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There is no guarantee that links to your site will always be around, and they can even be flagged as toxic and therefore damaging to your rank.

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Often you do not have any control over the quality of the pages or websites that are linking to you and this can be damaging to your brand.
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Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you are not investing in an asset you own. The links are not yours and can be taken away at any time.

When misused, link building can be considered a black-hat technique, and is something Google is smart enough to not only identify – but punish, too.

At iformat SEO agency in Melbourne, everything we do to improve your SEO is rooted in creating high-quality and well-optimised content for your website. That means you own everything – you’re building a valuable asset that is going to support your business for the long-term. Even if you choose to move away, everything on your website is yours.

How our SEO strategy works

Our SEO strategy is split into two stages: initial research and ongoing monthly SEO

SEO strategy and research

The initial research paints a detailed landscape of your industry.

Gain insight into how your website stacks up against your competitors, and get intel into detailed keyword data – how many searches are being made every month for your product or service?

We love diving deep into the data – it’s a critial part of an effective SEO strategy.

What’s included?

The SEO strategy is underpinned by in-depth research by our experienced team.

  • In depth competitor analysis
  • Keyword research (we look at hundreds of keywords)
  • SEO presentation where we sit down with you and go through the data in detail
  • Suggested final keywords that help us form a fully optimised sitemap
  • Optimised website content written by our Melbourne-based copywriters
Ongoing monthly SEO

Once we’ve deteremined your initial strategy, the hard work isn’t over!

Month in and month out, we work hard to ensure that your website rankings grow, and are sustained for the long term.

You’ve worked hard to get your business where it is today.
And now, it’s our job to ensure it continues to grow with more and better leads from the customers you want the most.

What’s included?

We can tailor a package to suit your needs, but for a holistic ongoing strategy, we suggest:

  • Well written, optimised, and relevant blog posts every month
  • Ongoing SEO checks, monitoring, and amendments
  • Advanced user analytics tracking
  • Comprehensive monthly reporting and actionable suggestions (more on that below)
Powerful, in-depth, actionable reporting

Other local SEO agencies might feel that a simple two-page PDF report showing some rank increases is sufficient to keep their clients happy, but in our opinion, this is nowhere near good enough.

Our reporting goes far beyond what any other local SEO agency in Melbourne offers. That means:

  • We use in-depth SEO tools to monitor your rankings on a daily, weekly, monthly, and historical basis
  • We break down mobile and desktop ranking to get an even better understanding of how your customers find you and use your site
  • We’re constantly working behind the scenes making tweaks, changes, and improvements to your SEO and website
  • We’re always looking to the future, devising actionable steps and solutions to help refine and improve your strategy

seo agency melbourne

Intent-based inbound SEO Agency Melbourne

We excel at intent-based inbound marketing strategies, and SEO, along with Google Ads are two of the most effective and successful tactics.

In short, we attract customers who are already searching for your products or services, instead of the ones who are just passing by.

That’s why we believe that SEO delivers the best return on investment out of any other marketing strategy!

Once you start seeing results for yourself, you’ll wonder why you ever did things differently!

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