Responsive Web Design vs. Mobile Web Design

There is much debate over which option is "better" for enhancing your online presence; responsive website design or mobile website design.

Nowadays, customers could be viewing your site on a desktop 2,000 pixels wide, or a mobile phone with less than 400 pixels!

Speak to iformat about which option is best for you.

Responsive Web Design

  • Same website; responds and changes shape to fit on different screen dimensions.
  • Full website can be viewed on any device.
  • Forces the business to consider how their content will be viewed on all devices.
  • One complete view for all analytics.
  • Similar user experience across all devices.

Mobile Web Design

  • Separate "mini website" specifically designed for small screen sizes.
  • Enhanced for "thumb navigation"
  • Smaller sized graphics and images means faster load time.
  • Possibility of designing very different user experiences for desktop and mobile.
  • Have to duplicate content.
  • Site is only for mobile phone devices.

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