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Should You Be Outsourcing Your SEO? 4 Huge Reasons We Say “Yes!”

25 Sep

People aren’t coming to your business. The calls you get don’t translate into new customers. You’re already stressed out – you don’t need an underperforming website to add to your woes!

You’ve done your best to get your website found on the web, following online tutorials to the letter. But despite your efforts, you’re not achieving the results that you want.

Sound like you?

If so, it might be time to consider if outsourcing your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can help you achieve better results for your business.

Outsourcing your SEO takes a whole lot of courage and trust in your outsourcing provider – it’s your business and money on the line, after all.

Take it from us however: putting everything in the hands of an SEO agency like iformat pays off – in more ways than you may think!

Here’s why you should consider outsourcing to an SEO agency in Melbourne.

Time poor? Save time by outsourcing your search engine optimisation!

Search engine optimisation takes time – and really, there’s no point doing it if you don’t have the time (or resources, or knowledge) to do it properly and consistently.

Each of our individual clients require dedicated time spent, week-in and week-out, to monitor so many different factors:

  • Checking stats including traffic, leads, conversions, and more
  • Monitoring performance against competitors
  • Making modifications to your website’s layout and content
  • Creating regular, quality content that boosts your ranking

Successful SEO strategies are based on these tasks. It’s also an ongoing process, meaning you’ll need to come back to it regularly. That takes time, which you might not have.

Not to mention, a professional knows what they’re doing – they’ll get you sustainable results without needless fumbling and on-the-fly learning.

If you know for a fact you don’t have enough time managing your website on top of running your business, our advice is to outsource.

Not only does this connect you with someone with the expertise, but it also gives you valuable time to work on other parts of your business.

Outsourcing SEO is cheaper

We understand many people have the desire to keep everything in-house. Letting a stranger look after vital parts of your business? How will they know your business like you do?

But there are some things where the payoff for handing it over to someone else far outweighs the loss of control.

Case in point: the savings that come with outsourcing your Melbourne search engine optimisation.

Outsourcing SEO saves you from the additional overhead costs that come with hiring an SEO specialist of your own. You’ll get a team that manages your needs and carries out the work your website and content needs. They’ll also keep on top of how your pages are ranking and make improvements when needed.

And all of this on a single, flat monthly payment. No superannuation, no holiday pay, no need to pay benefits.

Working with an SEO agency gets you the right skills and experience

Buckle up, because this one’s a biggie.

Search engine optimisation isn’t always easy. If it was, you’d see a lot more businesses going it solo.

Why is it hard? There are a couple of reasons.

SEO is constantly changing

Firstly, SEO (and digital marketing in general) is one of the most dynamic fields out there – everything’s in a state of flux.

Small, unannounced changes to Google’s algorithm can completely change the name of the game, just like that. Few business owners have enough time to keep up with that.

SEO requires dedicated, specialist tools

There’s also the question of tools.

Tracking your SEO performance and how well your site is converting customers requires specialist tools and the know-how to read them.

We’re completely dedicated to SEO

And most importantly, we’ve been around the block multiple times.

We know what tactics work, what yields increased search engine results and what fads or trends do little to convert.

That’s the type of knowledge you gain when you outsource to a dedicated SEO agency.

And we haven’t even gotten started on the really niche things you need to know to succeed.

For example, Google doubled the length of snippets (the description underneath a search result) at the end of 2017. A handful of short months later, this was reverted.

Sites that increased the length of their snippets were hit hard and fast, with drops across the board.

We had to work pretty hard to fix up our clients’ sites in response to that!

It’s not just SEO, either…

Outsourcing doesn’t just connect you to experts in SEO… many digital agencies can also help you form a more coherent digital marketing strategy too!

In addition to SEO, we’ve worked on many of the other facets of digital marketing, including web design and development designed with the end-user in mind in order to inspire users to take action and to optimise for conversions.

In our opinion, SEO and conversion-optimised web design are the two most powerful tools you have to get more business from your website.
Not sure what will fly and what won’t in the fast-moving world of online marketing? Your SEO expert can give you a better perspective on what fits best with your business and both short- and long-term goals.

Let an SEO agency like iformat become your marketing partner

Businesses looking for a results-driven SEO agency have a partner they can trust in iformat.

iformat helps businesses like yours by making you stand out online. Our SEO strategies have helped businesses big and small get found online by the customers they want.

How? It’s simple: unlike other agencies, our strategies are tailored to you. We account for your circumstances, location, customers, product and goals, and craft an SEO strategy that gets you there.

Contact us today on 1300 88 64 50, or get in touch with us online to chat about your SEO strategy and how we can help you achieve your business goals.