SEO and content marketing

iformat’s director, Declan, was asked to present a talk on search engine optimisation (SEO) and content marketing for our close friends at Red Robyn

The talk was presented to 50 of Red Robyn’s small business clients and demonstrates how businesses can use both tactics to their advantage.


The relationship between SEO and content marketing

At iformat, we believe SEO and content marketing are intertwined and a major part of a complete digital strategy. Together, SEO and content marketing connect your brand and company in a consistent manner across a wider audience.


Who said SEO is dead?

SEO is what drives people to your website. Why create good content if you’re not even being found? Content marketing has evolved from SEO, and shifts focus from solely the point of purchase, to targeting users at each and every stage of the buying cycle.

Watch the video presentation to learn more about the relationship between SEO and content marketing, and how these two tactics can be a part of your holistic digital strategy.

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