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Does Your WordPress Site Use Yoast Seo? You Should Be!

30 Jul

Content is King

This simple sentence forms the basis for all content marketing and SEO strategies.

You don’t have to take our word for it – Google itself says that a regular stream of high-quality, unique content is what drives a successful SEO strategy.

Quality content does two things:

  1. It convinces visitors to your website that you are trustworthy – this makes them more willing to call you
  2. It convinces Google that you’re the solution for user’s problems – this makes your site more prominent on Google searches

But what makes for high-quality content?

“Quality” is highly subjective. Something that makes you think “wow” won’t necessarily do the same for someone else.

And then there’s the most important question: does Google’s algorithm think that this content is high-quality?

It’s a tough nut to crack. Luckily, there are tools out there to help you make sense of it all!

Introducing: Yoast SEO

WordPress is one of the most widely-used content management systems, powering more than 30% of all the world’s websites.

This particular system is popular among small business sites in particular, and there are a couple reasons for that:

  1. It’s free – no up-front fees or charges
  2. It’s easy-to-use, even for amateurs
  3. It’s versatile, and can be used for a variety of sites
  4. It’s 100% open-source

Point number four is the most important one here.

Open-source refers to software where the source code (the code that powers everything) is accessible to the public. This type of arrangement means that anyone is able to modify the software and develop it further.

The upshot is that there are hundreds of WordPress plugins, extensions and apps for just about every purpose out there. This is what makes WordPress sites so affordable and flexible.

One of these plugins is Yoast SEO.

Think of Yoast SEO like a spell checker for SEO content. While you’re creating or plugging content into your WordPress site, Yoast gives you real-time updates and suggestions on the quality of your content.

The result? Better-optimised site content, better-reading pages and a higher-performing site overall.

yoast seo

How Yoast SEO makes your content more Google-friendly

Firstly, Yoast SEO gives you pointers on the SEO-friendliness of your SEO content.

While nobody knows how Google specifically measures content quality, Yoast can give you a pretty good indicator!

Yoast looks at Google indicators like:

  • Keyword density and volume
  • Multimedia like images and video
  • Quality of titles and subheadings
  • Metadata, page description and tags
  • Dead hyperlinks (internal and external)

All of these signs can help you improve your content as it’s being created.

Start by entering your focus keyword in the SEO tab. This is the search term or keyword you want this content to rank for (although it’s not the only one – more on that later).

Yoast SEO then provides real-time feedback on how well your content is optimised for your chosen keyword based on the factors listed above.

Shell out for the premium version, you’ll even be able to check your content against multiple keywords.

Best of all, the Yoast plugin is update every fortnight to keep up with the frequent updates to Google’s search algorithm. This means you’ll never have to worry about whether an algorithm change is impacting your SEO content.

wordress seo yoast

The role Yoast plays in your content marketing

Improved search engine rankings is just one of the benefits of quality content. Another is how it improves your standing with your customers.

Your website is a marketing tool. It communicates your competence and credentials to visitors and potential customers.

And that starts with quality content.

The content analysis tool in the Yoast SEO plugin tells you how readable your content is (or isn’t).

It gives pointers as you write on many aspects that influence readability, including:

  • Spelling and grammar
  • Sentence and paragraph length
  • Paragraphing and spacing
  • Usage of transition words
  • Usage of subheadings and signposting
  • Passive vs. active voice

Typos, excessively long sentences, and unbroken paragraphs make your content difficult to follow or understand – particularly online.

Yoast provides your written content with a readability score using the Flesch readability test.

This live feedback helps you create content that doesn’t only rank well, but reads well too.

Get SEO and content that converts courtesy of a Melbourne

So, there you have it!

Naturally, this is only a basic crash-course in how Yoast works. For a more complete image you can check out their site or fiddle around with it yourself (don’t worry, it’s free!)

Of course, effective SEO strategies don’t create content on-the-fly.

Rather, they have a goal in mind and create tailored content geared towards fulfilling those specific goals.

Written copy isn’t the only type of content either – anything that goes up on your site counts.

So which types perform best when it comes to achieving your business results?

iformat is an SEO agency in Melbourne that specialises in getting your site found online.

We excel in creating content that doesn’t just improve your site’s visibility on Google, but also turns your site into a virtual salesperson for your business.

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