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Do you need to think about SEO for landing pages?

9 Sep

So you’re wanting to maximise online traffic for your business but just aren’t seeing the results you want.

If you can manage to rank a landing page on Google, then this page is a brilliant source of organic traffic from users actively looking for your goods or services.

“Ranking” means appearing high up on Google searches, preferably in the top 3 positions, when someone searches a specific keyword relating to your goods, services, or business.

“SEO” stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process by which you optimise each page of your website in order to improve its ranking in the search engines.

And a “Landing Page” describes the page you want people to click on when searching for a particular product or service that you offer.

Our marketing experts outline the most efficient landing page SEO tips to help you rank your business and get more relevant and qualified leads.

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What is an SEO landing page?

A search engine optimised landing page helps users to navigate to a specific service or products page via SEO strategies that you create, implement, and monitor.

They are a convergence of SEO and landing pages in that they have the intention to both land users to a particular page on their site and also have been created via SEO strategies, to draw attention and to get ranked.

This is opposed to regular landing pages which aim to bring you to a product or service that users find from other channels, such as a backlink, social media post, or Google Ad campaign.

Can you rank a landing page?

You certainly can – and you should!

To rank a landing page, a lot of research needs to be done on what people are currently searching for and how other competitor sites have gotten better rankings and domain ratings.

This can only be done by professional local SEO companies as business owners don’t have the skill set and qualifications to know the right strategy to implement, and how to monitor pages and results.

For starters, to make your landing page SEO friendly, you need to find the right balance between:

  • Ensuring your landing page aligns exactly with what a user is searching for
  • Making sure you have a clear value proposition or offer
  • Not distracting users with links or menus or other clutter that might direct them elsewhere
  • Making it clear to see where your business operates or products are available
  • Ensuring you have a specific goal such as a form to sign up for an offer or book a call

What SEO analytics should I track for my landing page?

Landing pages should monitor the following SEO analytics:

  • Traffic source (organic, paid, referral, social)
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Time spent on page
  • New vs. returning users
  • User demographics including age and location

Monitoring these helps you to understand what aspects of your landing page are working and which aspects aren’t, so that you alter your tactics to maximise traffic and get a better ranking and therefore improved conversions.

Does Google rank landing pages?

The point of landing pages is to give searchers an upfront solution to what they’re looking for.

That might mean that the keywords you aim to rank for are more niche – they may be long-tail, more specific, and as such, have a lower search volume.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These keywords indicate that a user is searching for something really specific, and may be a highly qualified lead ready to make a purchase (or register for an event, subscribe, download an ebook, etc…)

A simple example here could be if a user searches for “car key cutting without a spare”.

This search tells us exactly what the user is looking for, so if you’re a car locksmith, you can create a dedicated page designed to convert users who are looking for a professional capable of cutting them a new car key from scratch – even if they don’t have a spare key.

While the search is more specific, the intent is much stronger, meaning the leads your page attracts will be more qualified and therefore, more likely to convert.

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How do I increase my visibility on Google?

Google itself monitors what gets ranked and it doesn’t just have an algorithm that reads keywords and ranks them accordingly.

It has a very sophisticated algorithm that can sift through landing pages if you don’t meet a certain criteria.

For example if companies just have written two lines on the landing page and a contact number, Google would consider this a poor quality page that does not meet a user’s demands nor answers their query.

Remember, Google’s goal is to present their users with the best quality results that match their search requests.

Google also ranks landing pages based on:

  • The quality and originality of your web content
  • The speed at which the page loads
  • Whether it is mobile friendly and operates seamlessly on multiple devices
  • The domain age and authority your website has

Google is continuing to refine their search engine to optimise results for users using a new algorithm called MUM.

How do I make my landing page SEO friendly?

When writing and designing your page, you should consider implementing the following elements in order to have better search engine optimisation in Melbourne.

A call to action

Any successful website makes it clear to a user the intended action they should take.

Whether you want more calls, online forms, bookings, or purchases, your goal must be clear and easy to access by your user.

A landing page is no different – a clear call to action should direct users to a single action. For example, a landing page for a locksmith should have a form that a user can easily fill in, as well as the option to directly call.

High quality content

Our SEO agency in Melbourne can’t stress enough the importance of good website copy in order to improve your chances of ranking. Copy should be clear and informative, and formatted in a way that makes it easy for users to scan the page.

Copy should be sophisticated, easy to read, original, and helpful.

Have it written by a professional

If you’re stuck, reach out to our SEO expert in Melbourne for support on nailing every component of a landing page.

Whether your landing page is used as your website’s main call to action or you are running an Adwords campaign leading paid traffic to this page, we can assess the page, its rank, and provide advice and guidance to help improve it in not only your user’s eyes, but Google’s, too.

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