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How to use Google My Business to get more customers

13 Aug

Are you starting out a new business? Or maybe you’ve had your own company for a while but can’t seem to keep up to date with modern technology.

Customers use Google to find out everything – from a restaurant’s menu and the opening hours of that clothing store, to a reliable electrician in their local area.

Google is the most popular search engine by a landslide, which is why it’s crucial to get your business on Google ASAP.

No matter who your target audience is, chances are they will be coming to Google before anywhere else.

Our marketing experts explain how to use Google My Business and help you understand its importance.

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How do I increase my visibility on Google?

If you haven’t registered your business with Google My Business, you should – especially if your business has a physical walk-in store or office.

By registering your business with Google My Business, people can find and navigate you through a system that they’ve become accustomed to, through a format they’ve seen time and time again.

They can, at a glance, see opening hours, photos, your location, and even customer reviews.

When someone searches for a service or business, the map is often the first or second element you will see on the results page.

So if someone searches “plumber”, Google will assume that the user is looking for someone within their proximity, believing this is the best possible outcome for the user.

Using their approximate location, Google will display a map view with associated plumbers listed that are within this area.

In addition to organic search results, Google Maps is an important piece of real estate that can increase visibility in the search results, particularly for location-based services or businesses with a physical store.

What are the benefits of Google My Business?

When you use Google My Business (or GMB for short), customers have instant and direct access to your:

  • Phone number
  • Address and location
  • Reviews and rating
  • Business hours
  • Photos

If the user has searched on a mobile, they are also one click away from seeking directions or making a phone call, too.

Without having a business registered with GMB, if a customer is interested in your business, not only will the lack of instant business information provided by Google be discouraging, but they will also have to dig and research for your contact number or address.

Our culture is becoming more and more on-demand, and we expect things instantly. So registering with Google My Business will give you the upper hand in being accessible to the people who are actively searching for your goods and services.

Google My Business Insights

As well as being easier for customers, GMB is easier for you, the business owner too.

This is because you have access to statistics and KPIs through Google My Business Insights, which collects data from users who view your GMB listing, as well as any actions they take.

These insights include, telling you what words and groups of words people search to come across your business, as well as the frequency of those words.

It also gives you information on how many people come across you by directly searching you versus how many come from searching for a particular service or product.

Insights can also tell you if people have come across your business from searching on Google Maps or from Google Search. And it also tells you the most common actions people take from the business listing, such as making a call or asking for directions.

Is Google My Business Free?

Yes, GMB is completely free. So what’s stopping you? Even the most basic set up can help your business extensively compared to without it, and takes 15 minutes.

We suggest being as detailed as possible, filling in all fields and “beefing” your profile up with all the business basics.

How do I list my business on Google?

First, on the Google My Business Page, type in your business name.

Make sure your business name is complete and correct. Importantly, you should ensure that it is consistent across any sort of online directories as well as your website.

Then, you’ll want to select one main category. There are tons of options available, to pick the one that best aligns with your business offerings.

If you have multiple services or products within your business that go across different categories, then you need to think wisely of:

  • What you want to be known for
  • What service you want to stand out the most
  • Which service is most unique or in demand
  • What service you think is your best one that will keep people coming back

After you fill out all the other details of your business you will then have to verify your business.

Verification is important as it gives you full access and control of your listing, so you can continue to optimise it with product information, services,and images.

Verification by post

GMB can send you a code in the mail; they do this instead of email so that your physical address can be verified.

You should expect to receive your postcard within 5 business days, though depending on where you live, this may take up to 14 days.When the code arrives, all you need to do is input it on GMB to verify your business.

Verification by phone

You can also choose another option, including getting a call or text with a code.

If you choose the call, be aware that it will be from a robocall, so make sure that you do not have private or unknown numbers blocked.

Verification by email

Verifying your business via email only works if your business name is in the domain of the email, e.g.: if your business is called Sophie’s Cakes and your email is something like

local SEO

What is the best way to use Google for my business?

Google My Business is only the first step to increase sales and traffic for your business.

If you want more traffic and sales and aren’t getting the results you believe you deserve, then speak to a marketing expert to improve your SEOs.

Often you’ll find that your local competitors are getting a lot more traffic than you and you can’t understand why because you believe you have better prices, deals, and services.

Therefore, your marketing tactics need to be smarter through the help of an SEO agency.

How can I improve my local SEO?

Speak to an SEO agency – today!

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We’ve worked with many businesses across Australia, from lawyers and accountants through to tradies like electricians, plumbers, and locksmiths.

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