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Turning Your Site Into a 24/7 Sales Team: What Does Your Site Need?

5 May

You finally have a website!

Of course, simply having a website doesn’t guarantee your business will grow. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: your site is only as good as the strategy behind it.

With the right strategy however, you could turn your website from just a site into a 24-hour salesperson that promotes your business no matter the time of day.

This is where your digital marketing partner comes into the picture. Our SEO agency in Melbourne can play a key role in helping your business website make the transition from just another ordinary website to something that nets you leads without you having to lift a finger!

24 7 sales team

We don’t just build websites – we build 24-hour sales teams

Always available

A lot of businesses simply treat their website as a place to share information, or as just another way of getting in contact with you.

However, it can be much, much more – with the right strategy and design, you can turn your website into a 24-hour sales team for your business.

Never asleep… never at lunch… never off the clock… your website is always up, spruiking your business and convincing potential customers to take the plunge, even when you’re away or asleep in the real world.

Our SEO agency in Melbourne specialises in creating websites that get you found by your target customer, and more importantly, sites that make conversions.

Always communicating

As with any sales team, communication is key. We set your website up so that it’s always creating, nurturing and maintaining great relationships with your customers and clients.

We go beyond simple call buttons and email forms – we can also set you up with a range of options to keep you in touch with your customers not just during, but before and after the transaction is complete as well, including automated marketing, newsletters and chat plugins, just to name a few.


The buck stops here – we deliver, or else.

Regular, in-depth reporting means that you always understand where you stand with us and how your website is performing. Our team is also easily contactable – we’re ready to answer your questions whenever you need us to.

And if we aren’t earning you enough new business to cover our costs within 12 months, we’ll work for free until we are – that’s our guarantee!

Always current

The digital sphere moves quickly. Luckily, we move quicker.

Our SEO agency in Melbourne keeps on top of all the latest innovations in the world of search engine optimisation and digital marketing, and uses to-the-minute analytics to track your site and make changes as the circumstances dictate.

Continuous improvement

Don’t choose a digital marketing team that doesn’t have a thirst and hunger for growth. Skills and knowledge upgrades are essential in understanding the daily changes in the digital marketing landscape, along with the ever-changing trends.

We frequently take the time to read industry publications and are always training our team to deal with the latest in the digital sphere.

It isn’t just our people that we’re always upgrading – we also upgrade our systems on a regular basis, keeping an eye out for new tech that can help us do our jobs even better.

Always selling

Never asleep, never away from their desk… your website is constantly working to bring in those all-important leads into your business.

Using a mixture of effective search engine optimisation, expertly crafted content tailored to make conversions and an understanding of your core business and customer, we craft a website that doesn’t just inform, but which sells your business.

Get in-depth reporting

The most beautiful thing about search engine optimisation and digital marketing? There’s a record of almost everything – and with that, you can find out exactly how your site is performing.

Of course, advanced analytics can’t help you if you don’t understand what they’re telling you. In addition to reporting, our team also takes measures to ensure that all the information we provide is understandable as well!

Always finding leads

Your site doesn’t just stop – it’s always hard at work generating leads and conversions.

Our SEO agency in Melbourne focuses on generating inbound rather than outbound links. In short, it’s all about finding we focus on finding warm leads and guiding them towards your site.

We find that this generally results in higher-quality leads that are more likely to convert!


Sick? Hungover? Never!

Your site is always generating leads and sales, without having to worry about it taking the day off. Our team chooses reliable hosting platforms and plug-ins as well as regular audits to ensure that every part of your virtual sales team is functioning as it should.

And if it isn’t, we’re on the issue fast – each of our contracts contains maintenance as well, allowing us to quickly identify and fix issues as they arise.

Projecting the right image

Neat, tidy, well-presented – you’ll never have to worry about your virtual salesperson misrepresenting your business.

Our SEO agency in Melbourne starts by building an in-depth understanding of your business and what it stands for. This is what allows us to ensure that your website accurately represents your brand and its unique:

  • Voice
  • Personality
  • Appearance

Grow your business with our SEO agency in Melbourne

More than just websites – we build 24-hour sales teams!

Focusing on just your “website” won’t get you the sales and leads that you want. That’s why we don’t do that.

Instead, our focus is on turning your website into a powerful sales tool using sales-optimised content and ongoing search engine optimisation.

Our promise to you is to build you a website that gets you tangible results – that means more:

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Sales and conversions

We don’t just maintain your website – we get you found and bring in business for you.

Since 2006, we’ve been helping businesses big and small all throughout Melbourne (as well as interstate) take their web presence to the next level and convert their websites into a virtual sales team.

And you can be one of them!

Turn your website into a fully-fledged digital sales team today – contact iformat on 1300 88 64 50 or fill out the contact form to connect with us today.